About Me


Oh look! I have a visitor!

Hey and welcome to My Food Calling. I am Rimli Baruah from the beautiful, luscious green state of Assam, although I am residing in Gurgaon presently but anyhoo, I thought it’s about time that I share my journey of food with you all.

So here it goes…

I have been cooking for a while now but I only got this zeal to experiment and really cook from my heart 4 years ago. That’s kind of when I met my husband too and he is from other end of the country,i.e, Rajasthan. We started trying out all kinds of recipes together and we just kept going.

What have I been cooking?

So, my recipes are from all over. I cook up from North Eastern food to North Indian to Italian to American to South Indian and little bit of others. Although I tend to be biased towards Northeast cuisine. Anyway, I cook up non vegetarian food and vegetarian food.

Also, being brought up in a boarding school, my recipes inspire from what you would refer to as – homemade food, comfort food, quick and easy recipes too!

Enough about me now and what say we check out some recipes…Cheers!