Khurja – The Ceramic City

Ceramic soap cases, butter plates, containers, serving bowls/plates, sauce cups

Welcome to the City of Ceramics! Khurja is a small city in Bulandshahr district, UP. It’s around 133 kms from Gurgaon which takes about 3-3.5 hours and 129 kms from Delhi which takes about 2.5-3 hours by car given the traffic and the road conditions once you get off the highway for Khurja.

If you’ve gone through some of my blog posts, you’d notice I have covered a similar topic of ceramics in Gurgaon/Delhi. But this blog is more about the source, where these delicate and beautiful designed pieces actually come from and where they are made. So, one fine Saturday, my husband and I decided to just get up and make a trip of it and discover this famous Ceramic City. Honestly, it took us a little longer than expected but the weather was amazing so, thank God for that! I love a long drive on a cloudy, gloomy weather any day.

Anyway, once we reached the city, we had to ask around a bit as to where we could find this ceramics market. I had imagined an open market where there would be full of it since all the manufacturing factories were in the city itself. But alas! We noticed that there was no open market as such. So these manufacturers have all kept some space like a shop where they displayed the items next to the factories. I was a bit heartbroken by it ’cause I was all excited and had this little idea in my head of what the place would be like. Nonetheless, it wasn’t as disappointing as I found the perfect designs which I had been looking for so long in Gurgaon.

This one manufacturer especially was like hitting the jackpot for me. The shop wasn’t all pretty or anything but he had all the items that I was looking for. I have put down a picture of the business card too so you can have a better idea of the exact address.

Check out the items he had down below:

I tried to click as many photos I could of the items. They had a store room where they kept most of their items but sadly, the lighting in the room wasn’t enough. But these pictures pretty shows you most of products they work on.

I bought a butter plate, tea pot, hand wash dispensers from this store. I have also included the business card of the store I got these items from.


Apart from these I visited another store (this one was a well kept showroom kinds, just across the street from the previous one) ’cause they had some items I didn’t see in the previous store. Also, they had kept some of the items packed nicely which made me think that it would be a good chance to stock up on gifts I can use in the future.

Aren’t they just amazing! This has been one of my greatest discoveries. If you have seen my recipes, you would notice that most of the time I use these ceramics for plating up my food.

Now for some POINTERS (if you ever plan to visit the place):

  • These stores are not so prominent to spot. Most of them are at this Old GT Road in Khurja. I would recommend to still ask around so that you don’t waste your time looking for it like I did.
  • The items are already at a very low price and the same things are sold with a much higher tag online or other stores in the cities. So, don’t worry about the bargaining much. 🙂
  • Try to explore as many stores as possible, you never know you might just hit a jackpot that I missed.
  • Stock up!




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