Northeast Style Cooking

Northeast Style Cooking – The Essense of Northeast Food

The Northeast of India has a whole lot of unexplored dishes. The cuisines of this region mainly focuses on non veg with the complimentary greens to keep the diet balanced as meat is consumed on a daily basis.

The food is mostly very bland with the most basic spices that include ginger and garlic. There are a lot of tribal specific spices depending on which state the dish is from. Not to forget, although the food is bland from this region, it’s never bad to add some kind of spice to it. So here, the spice elements are the chillies,i.e, Bhoot Jolokia in Assam or Raja Mircha in Nagaland or Ghost Chilli in English. This is the spiciest chilli in the world and is being used worldwide. The tiniest of a bite would set your tongue on fire.

But of course, one can always check the spice level and add it according to their preference.

A typical Assamese lunch – (Clockwise) Dry Fry Pork, Kaji Nemu (Assam lemon), Lai Xaak (greens)
assamese food
Assamese Thali – (Clockwise) Bitter Gourd, Pork with Lai Xaak, Pork with Tengamora, Fish Curry, Dal

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